California’s “Prevailing Wage” – Floor Vacuuming at $45.93/Hour

California State Assemblyman Curt Hagman (R-Chino Hills) is introducing a bill to address one of the numerous absurdities in California’s prevailing wage law: the $38-46 per hour wage paid to laborers who clean up construction sites after taxpayer-funded construction is finished.

As revealed in a 2009 state wage enforcement action against a construction company working under a contract in the Antelope Valley Union High School District in Los Angeles County, such work entails “vacuuming, dusting, cleaning and polishing windows, walls and floors.”

Some Californians might consider $12 per hour to be a reasonable wage for this low-skill work, especially when so many school districts are funding massive building programs with borrowed money, thus taking on a staggering amount of debt for future taxpayers. Is it wise fiscal management for school districts to sell Capital Appreciation Bonds with outlandish compound interest payments in order to pay $45 per hour for someone to push a vacuum?

And in fact, the state does recognize a wage rate at about $12 per hour for janitorial work. California Public Utilities Code Sections 465-467 require public utilities to pay prevailing wage rates for labor of a custodial or janitorial nature, and therefore the California Department of Industrial Relations determines wage rates for this kind of work.

How Does California Now Determine Mandated Wage Rates for Construction Cleanup?

But vacuuming up the lingering sawdust at a construction site is considered a construction trade, because such work is classified within the work assignments listed in the applicable collective bargaining agreements of the Laborers Union.

Under Section 1773 of the California Labor Code and Title 8, Subchapter 3 of the California Code of Regulations, the State of California determines “prevailing wage” rates in most cases by obtaining the union collective bargaining agreements for each trade in each geographical region of the state, adding up all of the payments indicated in these agreements, and declaring the total to be the “prevailing wage.”

Wage rates include fringe benefits and employer payments to “other” funds that do not directly benefit the employee. And the same wage for the same work applies to non-union workers.

For Southern California, the Department of Industrial Relations sets the total straight time hourly “prevailing wage” for a journeyman in the Group 1 classification of “Laborer, General Cleanup” at $45.93.

This amount is based on the following payments in the collective bargaining agreement negotiated between the Southern California District Council of Laborers and three contractor associations – Associated General Contractors (AGC) of California, Building Industry Association (BIA) of Southern California, and the Southern California Construction Association:

  • $28.09 in basic wages
  • $6.81 to the union health and welfare program
  • $6.00 to the union pension program
  • $3.90 to the union vacation and holiday program
  • 64 cents to the union apprenticeship program
  • 49 cents for “other” payments that go to a variety of union-managed funds not for the direct benefit of the employee.

For Northern California, the state-mandated total straight time hourly “prevailing wage” rate for a journeyman in the Laborers Group 4 trade classification applies to the following:

Final cleanup on building construction projects prior to occupancy only. Cleaning and washing windows (new construction only), service landscape laborers (such as gardener, horticulture, mowing, trimming, replanting, watering during plant establishment period) on new construction.

The total straight time hourly wage for that classification is $39.02 in the San Francisco Bay Area and $38.02 in other counties of Northern California. These amounts are based on the collective bargaining agreement negotiated between the Northern California District Council of Laborers and Associated General Contractors (AGC) of California.

In San Diego County, the state-mandated total straight time hourly “prevailing wage rate for a journeyman in the Group 1 classification of “Laborer, General Cleanup” for commercial building is $43.27. This amount is based on the collective bargaining agreement negotiated between the Southern California District Council of Laborers for San Diego County and Associated General Contractors – San Diego Chapter.

What Are the Chances of Establishing a Reasonable State-Mandated Wage Rate for Construction Cleanup?

If you were an official or lobbyist for the Laborers Union in California or for the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California, would you give permission to Governor Jerry Brown and the Democrats in the legislature to undercut the high wage rates that your union negotiated with union contractors for “vacuuming, dusting, cleaning and polishing windows, walls and floors?” Of course not!

In negotiating their collective bargaining agreements, construction trade unions actually enjoy a kind of quasi-regulatory authority, because their final agreements are the basis for the state-mandated construction wage rates. They are loath to compromise this power.

In the 2011-12 state legislative session, Assemblywoman Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) introduced Assembly Bill 987, a comprehensive and technically-precise bill that would have reformed the state’s calculation of prevailing wages so that state-mandated construction wage rates are reasonably accurate and based on actual local market conditions. The Assembly Labor and Employment Committee rejected the bill on a party-line vote: Republicans in support, Democrats opposed.

Regarding the specific wage rate for construction cleanup, taxpayers could adopt several strategies in addition to Assemblyman Hagman’s legislation in order to prod the California Department of Industrial Relations to determine a reasonably-accurate state-mandated wage rate for “vacuuming, dusting, cleaning and polishing windows, walls and floors.” But unions will resist any challenge to the status quo, unless they exercise their own power to negotiate and accept a special construction cleanup classification – with more common sense wage rates – in their own collective bargaining agreements.

Kevin Dayton is the President and CEO of Labor Issues Solutions, LLC and is the author of frequent postings about generally unreported California state and local policy issues at

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    Robert T says:

    I’m gagging. Please remember this when you are asked to pay more of your “fair share” in taxes

  2. Avatar
    Michael says:

    That amount is only slightly less than I earn. And, oh yeah, I hold a BS in Computer Science which I earned after 5 hard years of school at a highly competitive university. This allows me to write software code which relatively few people are capable of doing.

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    shawn says:

    It still never ceases to amaze me the amount of ignorance that is allowed to be be published for the public to view. Not to mention the amount of ignorant sheeple that will form convictions in faith from the ignorant statements that are published. This usually forms what’s called a general consensus. Hey Mike posted a wonderful comment on his wage being barely $5 dollars an hour above the scaled prevailing wage mentioned above. Oh and his BS degree that he worked sooo hard to get from a big expensive college…Oh well Mike, you’re the tampon who settled on an employer that just happened to settle on you. Here’s one Mikey, a family friend has just a measly A.A. degree in computer science and he landed a job with a worldwide company…Hmmmmm… he’s at $56.50/an hour. So before you open your mouth again educate yourself, and totally try not to look like a complete douche. Thks is coming from a Traffic and Highway Controller who is paid only prevailing wage… My rate is roughly $46/hr. But out of that $46: $9.81/hr. Gets taken and placed into a retirement fund (not my choice) & (is not guaranteed) and $5.81/hr. Is pulled out for my medical. Even though my medical is only $37/week. That money goes into a “medical fund” which caps out at 6 months and god only knows where the money goes after that. For every hour I work…no matter what… whatever is left im taxed at almost 47%… The biggest check I earned was $4,200 for one week. After taxes I was left with $2,100 minus the deducts for medical and retirement… oh… by the way I was out of town for ten days, away from my family the entire time, working 16-18 hour shifts on your highways keeping you motorists and the workers safe… So Mike, do you think that I earned my $300/day for risking my life to protect others?? So $300 divided by 16 hours is actually roughly $18.75 an hour.. No overtime… just to put things into prospective for you…Because I cant pay my mortgage or utility bills on the gross pay…only the net pay.

  4. Avatar
    MJ says:

    Hi Shawn – Mike only said the he made slightly more than the amount noted in the original article. He did not say he earned $5 dollars an hour above the scaled prevailing wage only that he had attended 5 years of college. Anyone who gets a paycheck, including Mike, understands that we only get about 50% of what we make to live on. I am sure Mike spent 5 years in school in the hopes of getting a better wage than he could have earned in unskilled labor. I would suggest you go back to school if you need more money but it looks like, for you, it would not be of benefit.

  5. Avatar
    Conrad says:

    Hey shawn, you sound like someone who clearly DIDN’T go to school and is consequently stuck in a low-skill job, had to join the union along with EVERYONE else because you didn’t have a choice and now all you can do is bitch like a whiny child. Your remarks had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the subject at hand, little man. The subject, to remind your sun-fried brain, is the fact that people who are doing the unskilled work of pushing a freakin’ vacuum and cleaning windows are getting paid $46/hr! That’s not right on ANY labor scale.

  6. Avatar
    David says:

    I just skimmed thru HIgh Skool and I’m making $67 an hr shitty you wasted time and money going to your competitive college. College is a money scam just like those pyramid schemes OPEN your eyes people!!!

  7. Avatar
    Daniel says:

    Now boys, we are well past this. Yes College is good, but I can make more in some(Unionized) jobs than I can with a BS. This Union watch is really funny. They miss the whole concept of why Unions are here to stay. Employers never like the protections that Unions provide for their members.

    We could let the bankers run the world. Oh they do now! Right. They cost us money everyday by simply saying that something isn’t safe in the market’s Betting whose gonna win and lose.

    Never fear, All wages will go up because of Labor’s Unions. They want everyone to make a fair living.

  8. Avatar
    Will says:

    Oh Conrad, you seem a little bitter that someone is making decent money while doing clean up work!
    I can’t speak on the washing windows part, but I can for a fact say that the laborers who are doing the job site clean up spend about 4 years being trained and earn their way up to the pays aleatory are reviewing ! So while you say that they are getting paid to do
    “Unskilled work” those people are also the ones that built the building you are sitting in while you complain about their pay rate! In fact, they installed the sewer you use every morning after you’ve taken your morning dump, they installed the water services to your home so you can have clean water for your morning cup of coffee, and the cut and graded and paved the roads you drive on so you may have a smooth safe ride to work every morning! Maybe another good point to make, the laborers and the wages that you are complaining about, made it possible for you to do so, by installing the fiber optic lines you need to upload your comment right here on the Internet! Union workers are paid the rates they make because they are skilled workers, and them pushing a vacuum or cleaning up a job sight is the finishing of a project that you yourself need is to do to live your life!
    So before you go saying negative things about what another person makes compared to you, do a little research and make an educated comment next time

  9. Avatar
    Will says:

    Oh and please excuse my typos, it’s early and I’m trying to get ready for work and head off to my unskilled worker’s job and make my unfair pay rate!!

  10. Avatar
    Brandon says:

    To all above. You should spend more time learning to increase your own value rather than try and diminish someone else’s. You see we are trained to look primarily at the expense side of our budget but if you truly know what I know , whats going out only matters when whats coming in doesn’t cover. Simple solution increase the inflow and who gives a shit about whats going out.
    So while the educated man sits in a comfortable environment and does his easy on the body job, the guy dusting or cleaning (laboring) is exposed to the elements day in and day out and asked to work long hours and night shifts. Oh yeah did I forget to say there are no safe zones on a construction job. Well let me rephrase that there are no safe zones for a mans feelings so where most will get there lunch box and kick rocks down the road we stay the course and become proud workers of whatever trade laborer – machinist ect.
    So I envite all who have some shit to talk about what the next man gets paid to come and join me for a few night shifts in the zombie infested streets late at night with thousands of dollars of equipment that you must protect and at the same time clean some sidewalks, Ill pay you your asking rate if you last a week however if you cant make the week you must then accept the 12 an hour that you believe the next man should be working for since its low skilled.

  11. Avatar
    Jeff baron says:

    Mỹ name is Jeff Baron and I owned Baron Services the cleaning company that started all this with curt hagmans they prosecuted me in Riverside for not paying group 1 labor rates they were trying to give 7 years in prison , I fought them for 5 years almost . I took a Deal to not go to prison 6 months house arrest, 5 year probation . Out of business after 25 years I’m 50 years old. With total kidney failure because of the stress. I could go on and on.

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    JasonIrora says:

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    Gregory S Beauchamp says:

    I been in construction for 40 years! I been a general contractor, concrete contractor, owner builder, construction super, foreman! When i started in this industry in 1977 as a laborer hourly pay was $10.00 per hr. A journeyman carpenter made approximately $15.00 + benefits. You could buy a house for under $100,000. A new truck fully loaded for under $10,000. The house i rented in 1978 was $200 a month. My truck payment was $200 a month. Health insurance was $100 a month. In 1978 i was making $ 25 per hr $ 1,000 per wk. With $500 per month in bills! I could afford to live and enjoy life and save some money! Most people in construction find that non union non prevailing wage rates for skilled trades are at $25 or less per hr. Today! That same house is now $ 1,700 per month. The truck is $1,000 per month and health insurance is $800 per month! $3,500 per month and $25 per hr is what most contractors will pay! 99% of the college grads don’t know shit about the real world! When they open their mouth their opinion is based on what? I recently took s labor position on a prevailing wage project $ 8,000 a month! Ive gone to school for 40+ years to get that job at a rate that is accurate per cost of living and inflation! You can graduate from college with a degree in project managment and I guarantee I will run circles around you at any faze of planning, budget, design, construction, managment, supervision, and I have built with my two hands just about every kind of building that can be built! Am I over paid! It will take a college grad time to gain experiance to be of any value to a construction company! Straight out of college you are little more than a liability to a builder willing to train your sorry ass and all you have to show is a piece of paper that shows that you may have paid attention in class and passed some exams! What makes this person think they are worth more than a lowly laborer sweeping and vacuuming! The college grad is not even qualified to be a laborer!

  14. Avatar
    Enrique Reyna says:

    Greagory S Beaochamp,

    All I can say is ….nice! Spoken like a man who has lived in the real world.

    Don’t get angry my college brothers who want to write code for our community. Organize!

    I respect all who learn any trade. Even programming and code.:)

    Remember Micheal you are worth more!!
    You are only one Of few who can perform your work. After all that’s why only so few could get into your highly competitive school. It had nothing to do with classism and opportunity that comes with living in the United States social and economic order in the modern day. All school systems are equally funded and life is a level playing field.

    So then let’s not ask why does our laborer make so Much! Let’s ask why our code pusher makes so little.

    You deserve to organize and form the code and software union and realize when you sit down and actually open your bosses books…. omg. They can afford to share the wealth.:)
    It’s just that they did not want to…

    it’s what laborerers and tradesman figured out years ago and thank god for the continuing education that the laborers and all union’s keep leaving behind within a union culture for the next generation . An education that comes with years of fighting against greed and the depletion of our communities that no “Highly Competitive college” can ever offer. Real world education.
    Money is always there gentleman. It is not passed on to the taxpayer as a high expense. Union wages only secure a just part of the profit after project completion. It is always figured in .
    The thing is if we were never forced to pay it we would not. And we would blame market competition.

    Solely to satisfy our own agendas. whether it be to please our bosses the owners or personal ambition . As a project manager on a team we would pride ourselves on destroying labor cost even before material cost. Soley to boast a high profit forecast . Boast at top of our lungs for all other asshole company men to see. Driven by egos and greed and don’t forget bonus hiding tactics and a culture of vultures .
    I should know I was one for some years at a reputable and major pipeline outfit. The parent company had long made it’s wealth and was sold publicly making money for the “Highly educated and competitive few ” who reached the top of this American company… right? That’s how the system is supposed to work.
    Selected few through personal relationships are in those positions.
    The amount of wealth so vastly abundant their grandkids grandkids will also live off this wealth. Put in their hands. Shire the will tell you ” well if you had a certain education you too could be here. Go to school. They don’t believe that. Even as they say it. At least from what I’ve seen. It’s a lie.
    Even after years of finally being sold public ally “we made it!”
    The culture of working and grinding away our workers until we could get no more from them Still exist.
    Making them compete against each other in production regardless of safety and blaming the “competitive market” as why we need more and more as the reason. You need to bleed for this company or you will not succeed! What will happen to your family !!

    We used this fear of “what if you don’t make the cut for the next project ?”as a way to instill fear and push production.

    We wore and used men until they broke and then moved on to the man who was in need of a good job.

    If there was no basic labor contract we would make them compete against each other for wages as well. Whoever would work for the least and hardest . This is the honest truth .

    Still this culture lives on at that company even after I left . I’m 2nd generation pipeline myself and I know the construction industry. My father a laborer. I too started as laborer.
    The fair thing is those that work hardest the most educated and smartest received the highest position’s and of course “wealth”. Well deserved profits were shared with these deserving all American few we hold so dearly in our community.
    Right? Well no….It went to the kids of those who protected the owner , his wife,her relatives, the select few who really did not work hard. But they Remember to keep the machine going .They know how to keep grinding away. They learned to keep the lie that the workers NEED a boss / owner to depend on. Truth is they don’t want you to know they don’t do much.

    I don’t think all of us managers are this bad all the time. It’s just what we have to do to survive. It’s our culture. We get great at it and of course We have to because one day we too will have a company go public. All our dreams will come true with money.

    It’s a lie. Unfortunately.

    So I say and ask to all publicly. Not why is a laborer making so much at the end of a project to vacuum? I ask why don’t we put a cap on how much the contractor makes? Why is that not public?i am for reviewing why laborers make sooo much if we add this language to the bill as well. Language in all government funded projects. I mean we do have budgets and taxes are way too high.
    We should make what a company profits per contract public knowledge. Just like the laborer wages. I mean can’t limiting the cost of a project be extended to the overhead and profit margin?

    Wait that would be insane. Completely backwards.

    And Michael I do know of a organization that could help you obtain a collective bargaining agreement for software and coders of all trades. I know we treated our engineers like crap and they used to say the same “I went to college.” thing. Until they realized oh shit it’s not just the degree… these people don’t want to share the capital with me.Them they would say. Well I’m special I will find a way to negotiate with them.” And work hard and prove my worth!” Wait then I would ask and they would say. Well we have a ton of engineers looking for work. Your welcomed to not take what we offer. Hard to negotiate from a position of less power.
    That’s what the trades man figured out Years ago.
    Coders and software engineers You might be the next generations laborers of the world.:)
    I wish you all good luck. I would support you union as well. Plus your very intelligent Micheal I’m sure you could lead negotiations.

    I have sat in on labor negotiations myself. There’s a place to really see bs hit the wall.

    Communities of the world unite.
    We all deserve a shot of American happiness.

    Now in my latter part of my career I have completely rethought my path. But this article definitely caught my eye. I needed to share.

    That being said I would like to introduce a bill at the state to accompany state assemblyman from Bakersfield limiting pay to workers. That will have language that also limits profit and allows transparency for the community. And brings good jobs to our communities from our communities.

    For project managers as well. Honestly I was not the only one who was tired of being pushed to grind out our projects.

    Thanks for the time.

    Let’s move forward.

    ~and please you can call me a friend. Cause I do believe we are all in the same boat.


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