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How Unions Can Adapt for the 21st Century

For years union membership has been in decline. In 2012 union membership hit the lowest percentage of the American workforce since 1916. The union business model, based largely on industrial organizing efforts from the 1930s, does not appear to carry over well for today’s educated and transient workforce. It appears unions have not evolved to […]

The United Auto Workers on the Skids?

Summary: it’s been a long, slow slide for the United Auto Workers, which hit its peak in the early 1950s. Defeated in a critical unionization election in the South and facing a critical change in state law in its home base in Michigan, the UAW has responded to the challenge by raising dues and by […]

How Michigan’s Government Unions Tried to Achieve Absolute Power

Editor’s Note: Outside of Michigan, the attention that their November ballot initiative “Prop. 2” garnered was minimal compared to the national spotlight that has shone ever since their legislature turned them into a right-to-work state. But the two events are inseparable. And while right-to-work simply allows workers to choose whether or not they may wish […]